Twin lane wrapping machine for gum slabs

SWM2500-3000 Overview

A high-speed, fold wrapping machine for gum slabs, the SWM2500-3000 implements the innovative twin lane configuration combining accuracy, top performance and gentle product handling, as well as the expected reliability of consolidated technology.

Wrapping up to 3000 slabs/min in single fold wrap style, the SWM2500-3000 is a compact solution for limited production areas with a servomotor configuration enabling excellent flexibility. A grouping system for single slabs at machine outfeed is capable of collating up to 8 slabs per group before transfer to further packaging stages.

SWM2500-3000 Layout

SWM2500-3000 Highlights

Optimized product handling on twin lane with minimized mechanism wearing given by a linear speed reduction
Format part design engineered to reduce machine sensibility to product thickness variation
Rotating cutting device unit for product pre-cut on gum sheet
Integrated merging unit for single lane wrapped slabs outfeed to downstream equipment
Automatic film-splicing device and automatic film-tracking device for high quality wrapping
Plug-in design on main groups for quick size change and maintenance procedures
Technical Data Machine Layout
swm2500-3000 min. max.
slab range                                a 9 15
                                                          b 3 6
                                                          c 25 45
gum sheet range                  a 25 45
                                                          b 3 6
                                                          c 420 490
capacity up to 3000 slabs/minute
installed power 9 kw
operating pressure 6 bar
maximum air consumption 30 nl/min
weight 2500 kg


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