High-speed overwrapping machine

FTO513 Overview

The FTO513 is a high-speed overwrapping machine for display boxes incorporating a continuous carton feeding system to prevent products from pushing against each other, both at the start and at the end of the line.

Despite its high-speed processing, the FTO513, which can handle up to 330 ppm, features a number of technically advanced solutions to ensure top quality appearance of the packages. These include an inline tear-tape unit, a double reel holder and an automatic film splicing device.

Confectionery products will benefit from the high-quality overwrapping standards obtained on the FTO513 in terms of moisture protection and extended shelf life (especially on the model ensuring airtight sealing), tamper evidence and enhanced external packaging appearance.

FTO513 Layout

FTO513 Highlights

Fitted with a tear-tape unit, a double reel holder, and an automatic film splicing device
Processing capability for all heat-sealable films, such as PP, PVC and Cellophane
Web-width up to 150 mm running on reels with max. diameter 300 mm and min. core diameter 76.2 mm
Oversize or undersize can be evaluated by our technical staff
Technical Data Machine Layout
product range a 30 90
b 6 30
c 55 100
capacity up to 330 ppm
Average power consumption 12 Kw
Operating pressure 6 bar
Maximum air consumption 10 Nl/min
Weight 2100 Kg


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